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The Gunfighters Motorcycle Club™ was established on December 10, 2005.  The Gunfighters Motorcycle Club™ is an organization consisting of active and retired law enforcement officers who share a passion for riding motorcycles. The Gunfighters Motorcycle Club™ is national and International, law enforcement motorcycle club. Our membership consists of active and retired law enforcement officers who are in good standing with their respective agencies and/or have retired honorably.  

We abide by the laws set forth by the United States Constitution and the laws of our international chapters in which we reside.  We are not 1%ers, nor are we a territorial organization.  We wear our bottom rockers to signify the State/Country we call home.   We do not seek conflicts nor do we interfere with other clubs.   We welcome fellowship with like minded clubs.  Although our colors are black and white, we are all true to one color...we are all blue.  We are gunfighters.  We are the Gunfighters Motorcycle Club™.

The Vermont Chapter was founded on August 2nd 2019, by the FIRSTVT9  after a vote to split from the club that we were currently members of.  On August 17, 2019 at the Lake George Clubhouse, among many brother Gunfighters, we were officially patched in as the first Vermont Chapter of the Gunfighters.


 President Derrick "Jethro" 

Vice President George "Flash"

Treasurer Rob "Bumblebee" 

Secretary Fred "Gator"

Sergeant At Arms Bob "Uncle Ted"

Member Pete "Chaps"

Member Kirk "Crush"

Member Gerry "Guildo"

Member Michael "Wimpy"

Member Jeffry "Volt"